Malawi June/July 2003

1.  Tanzanian street vendor with his welded steel handcart using bicycle wheels (28" x 1 1/2") having heavy-duty 12 gauge spokes.

Photo courtesy of Tuyate Anthony Kasanga, Pelesi General  Hardware, Mzuzu, Malawi

2  Tanzanian water vendor transporting 10 plastic jerry cans each containing 25 liters of water or a load of over 250 kilograms!  This cart uses heavy-duty 12 gauge spokes.
3 Vendor in Lilongwe, Malawi, using a welded-steel handcart with bicycle wheels having common 14 gauge spokes.  This man routinely carries loads of battery acid of weighing some 100 kilograms over distandces of several kilometers. 
4  Firewood transporters in northern Malawi.  Their bicycles have rear wheels fitted with 12 gauge spokes to enable them to carry these heavy loads with minimal spoke breakage.
5  Mussa Balakazi of Rizik Metal Work in Mchinji, Malawi and his steel version of the AfriCart.  It is being used here as a bicycle trailer.