Livingstonia-Cart: Design Features

Easy to push or pull, no lifting! Loads in excess of 100kg are balanced over the wheels. User pushes (or pulls) the cart, but does no lifting.

Average user can move 100kg load 1km in 11 minutes. (dirt road, reasonably level)

Average user can move 100kg load 5 km in one hour. (dirt road, reasonably level)

Rugged hardwood frame fastened by bolts and screws

Critical axle nuts provided with locking plates

Wooden frame and body can be easily repaired or modified by local carpenters

Standard 28" bicycle wheels (rear 40 spoke hubs & rims) with pneumatic tires & ball bearings

Heavy Duty nylon cord tires

Spare parts (tires, tubes, bearings, axles etc.) affordably found throughout Malawi

Removable general duty box body, so long planks and poles can be carried directly on frame

Separate frame allows easy fitting of a purpose-built body

Removable sliding front (no tolls needed) for easy loading and dumping of loads

Rope holes for tying down bulky loads