Other Carts

3carts.JPG (34240 bytes) Czech handcarts - All three of these carts employ bicycle- type wheels which are held within welded steel frames. The two on the left utilize horizontal frames affixed to the body frame at either end. This type of construction can be readily translated into wood. The cart on the right, employs vertical frames (closed on top and open on bottom) to carry the wheels. (This type of vertical open-ended frame cannot be readily duplicated in wood.) 

redcart.JPG (68305 bytes) Handcart - Another form of bicycle wheel type cart using enclosed horizontal frames.

paper.JPG (141013 bytes) Lezhnevo, Russia- photograph of cart used in Lezhnevo, Russia that appeared in the New York Times. Note the wide tires on a single axle.

nkorea.JPG (83531 bytes) Tongsin, North Korea - photograph of handcart being used to carry food in Tongsin, North Korea. Welded steel construction using two wheels on a common axle.

china.JPG (52465 bytes) China - photograph of cart. Note the enormous load being pulled by a single person.

cartsalongstreet.JPG (37223 bytes) Russia - bicycle/motorcycle trailer with two wheels on a common axle. 

barrelcart.JPG (33988 bytes) Russia - two wheel-axle sets on a homemade cart used to carry water.

luanda.JPG (43349 bytes) Angola - one-wheeled handcart made from automobile wheel. Note that the load is balanced directly over the axle so that the operator does no lifting. However, balancing the load is problematic. This cart is very heavy.

angola.JPG (106438 bytes) Angola - wheeled cart enables vendor to travel to sales point. Welded steel construction, with two wheels on a common axle.

rural.JPG (154593 bytes) Nicaragua - handcarts are used for very short distance transport

wuxi.JPG (190773 bytes) Wuxi - goods being transported by handcarts in Wuxi. This is a wheel-axle type of handcart (and hence, is not currently feasible for SSA).

nicaragua.JPG (221608 bytes) Nicaragua - Handcarts used by fishermen in Nicaragua

marunda.JPG (189953 bytes) Marunda - carts being used to carry water

simplythebest.JPG (323660 bytes) Garden Cart - ad for carts to aid in yard work.

carrier.JPG (278922 bytes) Carrier - ad for carts that aid in the carrying of game. 

bighelper.JPG (183371 bytes) Big Helper - ad for utility cart for industrial, marine or residential use. 

bicycletrailer.JPG (200059 bytes) Bicycle Trailer - ad for new bicycle trailer.

thecarryall.JPG (236531 bytes) The CARRY-ALL - specifications for cart.

catalog.JPG (326949 bytes) Catalog - page depicting various carts and wheels.

kiln.JPG (43896 bytes) Hauling Sun Dried Bricks to Kiln

mormon.JPG (51889 bytes) Mormon Handcart Companies

ocart1.JPG (104618 bytes)

ocart2.JPG (109897 bytes)

ocart3.JPG (128416 bytes)

cuba.JPG (34060 bytes)