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Cart being used to collect rubbish. Notice the difference in volume that can be held by the Africart.
Women using Africart for collecting rubbish for the Mzuzu City Assembly.
Elasto Chanza, field assistant, Malawi Handcart Project
Handcarts in Mwandama
Woman using handcart to carry water, Mwandama Millennium Research Village, UNDP-Malawi, 2008
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Click here for photos from AfriCart's participation in the 2003 Tanzania Workshop on "Improving Mobility for Rural Poor"
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Mwandama UNDP Millenium Villages Project
2008 Trials of Handcarts by Millennium Villages Project/UNDP
Woman using handcart to carry bags of maize, Mwandama Millennium Research Village, UNDP-Malawi
Photo by Elasto Chanza
Malawi Handcart Project
Imported Taiwanese handcart wheels bound for Mwandama Millennium Research Village in a pickup provided by the Malawi Rural Travel and Transport Programme.
Photo by Elasto Chanza
February 2004
Pililani Women's Group Chenga Village Dedza Region. AfriCart has been modified with motorcycle wheels.
Photos by Christian Casillas, environmental engineer/ex-Peace Corps Namibia, taken during his month long voluntary assessment tour of the Malawi Handcart Project.

Hastings Mkandwrie purchasing bicycle components for AfriCarts at the Mzuzu hardware market.

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