Tanzania : 2003

1.  Workshop on "Improving Mobility for Rural Poor"
MOROGORO 20 - 23 January 2003
2. The Morogoro-built AfriCart chassis and the AfriCart built in New York City at the workshop of Otmary Mfungwasita in Morogoro.
4. Arnold Wendroff explaining AfriCart constructional details to Village Chairman Kassim Kampeni, Mlali Village, carpenter Otmary Mfungwasita, Morogoro, carpenter Nassoro Kinenge, Mlali Village, and Hon. Mizengo Pinda, M.P., Deputy Minister of State.
5. Finished AfriCart built in Morogoro, TZ in 2 days by carpenter Otmary Mfungwasita, outside of the IFRTD Workshop venue, the Hotel Oasis, Morogoro, Tanzania.
6. A shop selling bicycle spares in Morogoro, TZ.
7. Purchasing bicycle components in Morogoro, TZ.