Livingstonia-Cart vs. Wheelbarrow

Livingstonia-Cart is cheaper than a Wheelbarrow. (Cart costs about K2200).

Livingstonia-Cart is easier to move than a Wheelbarrow, due to its pnuematic tires, ball bearing hubs, and large diameter wheels.

Livingstonia-Cart user does no lifting, as load is balanced over wheels. A wheelbarrow user carries almost half the load with his arms.

Livingstonia-Cart with its two wheels is laterally stable. Wheelbarrow with one wheel is unstable and keeping it balanced is tiring.

Livingstonia-Cart carries more weight than wheelbarrow. Cart user can easily move 100kg loads over many kilometers.

Livingstonia-Cart has much greater volume than the wheelbarrow. Bulky loads can be easily carried.

Livingstonia-Cart easily and safely carries long planks and poles.

Livingstonia-Cart's wooden construction is easily and cheaply repaired by local carpenters.